Be part of the solution of the food production system VIEW MORE Plant-based proteins and special oils
Developing a new food production matrix

We enhance nature through science to produce more and better food

Non-GMO Crops

We work in collaboration with leading plant genetics companies to ensure the availability of the best materials, achieve maximum yields, and minimize the environmental impact of our materials.

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We partner with the farmer throughout the value chain, from providing genetic materials to the marketing and industrialization of the grain, building a new, innovative, profitable, and sustainable long-term food production system.

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Our team of scientists works on a daily basis, in collaboration with our clients, to achieve the plant-based functional ingredients and foods that the world needs.

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From the farmers to the consumers

Food Industry

We focus on the processing and continuous supply of high-quality plant-based raw materials

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Developing a new food industry

Food Tech

We create ingredients that provide innovative solutions at different stages of the food production chain. In constant development, our materials include flours, texturized products, protein isolates, special oils, functional cores, fibers, end products like meat/dairy analogs, supplements, snacks, and more.

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Blockchain technology


Through IntegraLabs, we leverage blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of our products throughout the entire chain, from the field to the final food product. This provides detailed information about the origin, processing, and even the environmental impact of our products

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